Illustrasjon et rødt hjerte med hvitt kors

Ås Council needs help from health professionals

Ås Council would like to get in touch with volunteers with a health professional background, who can contribute to the health services in Ås in the time to come.

Do you have a background within health services and would you like to contribute?
Ås Council wants to get in touch with residents with a health professional background who can contribute to the health services in Ås in the time to come.
Register for health-related tasks here
We need to know your name, contact information, whether you have your own car, and what kind of health education or experience you have.
Everyone who signs up will be contacted, as soon as we have the capacity.
For information on how you can sign up as a volunteer even if you do not have a background in health services - visit the Volunteer Centre's page.
These conditions apply:
  • No volunteers should enter houses / apartments or have direct physical contact with persons in the household / home quarantine.
  • Volunteers must demonstrate an understanding of confidentiality.
  • Volunteers should not assess a peron's health status or provide health professional advice: questions should be directed to the GP on duty / emergency room.
  • All persons in risk groups have an independent responsibility for assessing whether they should assist in the activity.